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This website is an attempt to increase the knowledge and understanding of the complicated, but very important UFO phenomenon, that is - the uncovering of facts regarding UFOs and putting the pieces of this puzzle together. The information is based on the most reliable and credible sources, cross checked and independently verified, (see the listing of literature), as well as own experiences, including several UFO observations. 
The bulk of the information is on what is called The Space Brothers. These are individuals that look like us, but who come from civilizations that are a lot more developed, both spiritually and technologically. Since the Law of Freewill is always respected both by the Space Brothers and our own Spiritual Hierarchy, nobody comes, takes the lead and decide on our behalf. It all depends on us, but with the inspiration and help both from the Masters of Wisdom and the Space Brothers, the following could become a reality:

Background image:George Adamski meets Orthon from Venus.      Last update:09.10 - 2018