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Wendelle C. StevensWendelle C. Stevens (1923-2010), had 60 years of experience as a UFO-researcher, and was therefore a man well worth listening to. The following is an excerpt from an interview done in 2006.  

Q: "From all your experiences with contactees, do you have a theory as to why they (the friendly extraterrestrials), are here?"

A: "It is now my understanding that when a planet reaches certain stages in its evolutionary development, such as when it is ready for the incubation of life, and when that life reaches certain stages of development and needs the next impetus, a kind of "call" goes out from the planet and solar system, which then makes it attractive to those who have matured enough and are capable of responding to this call. Those so capable, and sensing this need, respond automatically, out of interests of their own, and they each undertake projects or missions of their own choosing in response to the general nature of the call".

According to information given in The Ageless Wisdom Teachings, (H.P: Blavatsky, Alice Ann Bailey), and through the contactee George Hunt Williamson at the moment the human kingdom could be established. our planet became of interest for other civilizations. At that moment friendly extraterrestrials from Venus came and transferred the mental principle to the primitive animal man, that is the ability for abstract thinking. The Space Brothers look like us and man is present many places in the universe. To express it this way, their own kingdom was established on a new planet, but of course on a much lower and more primitive level. As a consequence, it should also be natural that they come back here later to oversee our development?

Another important factor coming from The Ageless Wisdom Teachings as given by the Master D.K. through Alice A. Bailey in the book Esoteric Astrology, is that our planet now is in a transitory state from being one of the four non-holy planets, (together with Mars, the moon, and the sun), to 'raising its vibration' and become a holy planet. Thus, the stage we are in now is characterized by chaotic and difficult conditions. This is also one of the reasons why the Space Brothers are here to help.

MengerUFOAccording to the Swedish contactee Sten Lindgren, about 10 different extraterrestrial civilizations have been here over time. (About 100 have been passing through). Most of these are positive, some are just neutral observers, but there are also a few negative races.(Sources: Sten Lindgren, Sixto Paz Wells, James Gilliland, Michael E. Salla, Philip Corso, Milton W. Cooper). From all these, two groups have shown a special interest towards us. (Source: Wendelle C. Stevens).

1. The Space Brothers consist of about 10 extraterrestrial civilizations. 7-8 of these these work together (Lindgren). Perhaps we can call their co-operative endeavor help for a less developed planet? Among other places these individuals come from Mars, Venus, and Ganymede (one of Jupiter's moons that was colonized by a civilization coming from the star system Orion). The Space Brothers look about the same as us. Some are high and blonde (Nordics), others have more Asiatic-Mongolic features. See also The Space Brothers.

2. The small and taller grays from Zeta Reticuli. They seem to be behind the phenomena called abduction and cattle mutilation, although there are indications that military intelligence could also be involved.
According to information from Space Brothers of the Nordic type, given to the Swedish contactee Sten Lindgren, of all presence by extraterrestrial civilizations here on earth, the grays are only behind about 4%. A very bothersome fact is that these insect-like beings have monopolized the idea of what extraterrestrials look like, to the detriment of the human looking Space Brothers.
Their place of origin is planets in the vicinity of the Orion nebula. As the Space Brothers are coming more to the forefront, the influence of these negative and destructive entities are lessened. Already in the fifties they were described by the contactee George Hunt Williamson in his excellent book: "Other Tongues other Flesh", as the negative Orion influence. Se lecture by Budd Hopkins, and Joe Jordan. See also the website of the Californian surgeon Roger Leir, the world's leading expert in the removal of alien implants.

NuclearEarly in the fifties, contact was established between the American government and several extraterrestrial races. Our Space Brothers were the first to offer their help and technology, but as a return they demanded that the US stopped their nuclear experiments and development of atomic weapons. The US did not consider this to be in their best interest and the offer was declined. Other races (the Grays), that did not place such conditions, offered their technology in exchange of being given the opportunity of experimenting on cattle and abducting a limited number of people, then return them unharmed and giving a written record. These terms were soon to be broken, thus bringing the whole situation out of control. (Source: Milton William Cooper).

The problem for the US military is that UFOs can come and go as they wish thus violating the airspace of any nation. Their technological superiority placed the US in a difficult situation. Another important factor is that the US lost several pilots and jets when trying to intercept UFOs that viloated the airspace over the Washington D.C. (Source: Robert M. Stanley). To avoid panic total secrecy was installed as well as the establishing of these agreements. Another important fact is that the US has been (and still is), very keen on getting their hands on extraterrestrial technology both for the benefit of US companies giving them a competitive edge, and for the development of new exotic weapons.

These meetings took place on American military bases, and the result was secret agreements between the grays and later also The Tall Whites.
(Sources: The whistleblowers Milton William(Bill) Cooper and Phil Schneider. Information about this have also been given by Philip Corso, Daniel Morris Salter, Charles Hall and . See also: Eisenhower's 1954 meeting with extraterrestrials.