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Contact persons for the Space Brothers

GAdamski George Adamski (1891-1965)   

The most famous of all the contactees. Acted as a liaison between the Space Brothers and the American government and among other things gave advice to John F. Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.

Howard Menger (1922-2009)

Menger was contacted by the SB at an
early age and developed a deep insight into
their technology. Later was headhunted
by the US government and hired by them so they could get access to this technology.
DFry Daniel Fry (1908 -1992)

Fry was an American rocket engineer that worked at the military missile launch site White Sands, New Mexico. There he was contacted by Alan, an extraterrestrial. Among other things, Fry was given quite a lot of technical info regarding the propulsion systems of UFOs. Among his most famous books are: "The White Sands incident, and "They Rode in Space-ships". All his books can be downloaded for free.  


George Hunt Williamson (1926-1986)

Perhaps the most esoteric and profound of all the contactees of the fifthies. Most probably he himself was what he describes in his book:" Other Tongues, Other Flesh", 'a wanderer', that is - a soul from another more developed planet, incarnated here as a 'normal' human being.
Stranges Frank E. Stranges (1927 -2008)

From 1959 until his death in 2008, Stranges served as contactee for the Venusian Valiant Thor. Being in this unique position, he was able to convey a lot of information and insights found in his books like: Stranger at the Pentagon, Saucerama and Outwitting Tomorrow. Here is a website featuring lot of his articles.

The UFO-photographer Antonio Urzi

Urzi has made over 1700 video recordings of UFOs, mostly taken from a small attic window in his flat in Milan, Italy. His footage and photos have been analyzed by experts, but none has made any conclusion of his material being fake. There have also been witnesses present when Urzi makes his recordings. This has also been documented.

A_Urzi A UFO releasing a small telemeter disk. 19.th of September 2011.
Urzi commenting on the photo above. AUrzi

UFOUrzi Photo taken by Urzi on the 8.th of March 2010.


Some living contactees  

Sixto_Paz_Wells Sixto Paz Wells (Peru)

The founder of 'Operation Rama'. On several occasions his extraterrestrial friends have appeared when media has been present. Documentation.
Sten Lindgren (Sweden)

In the sixties he was contacted by BEA, a female representative from the Nordics, the same extraterrestrial civilization that Adamski, Fry and Menger also had a connection with. Lindgren's contacts has been through telepathy, observations of spaceships and physical meetings with extraterrestrials. This is still going on.        

JGilliland James Gilliland (USA) - ECETI 

Gillilands ranch in Washington, USA has for years been a hotspot for UFO activity and a popular travel target for people who want to experience the UFO phenomenon.

Eduard (Billy) Meier (Switzerland)

The most controversial and disputed of all living
contactees. There are reasons to believe that in the beginning Meier was contacted by benevolent extraterrestrials, but that later his contacts have also been with ETs that are negative. This is also confirmed by his son, Methusalem Meier in his open letter, where he does support the authenticity of some of the spiritual teachings from Meier’s early contacts. This means that these early contacts were with the Space Brothers.
By discovering and exploiting a weakness in the character, like wanting to feel special and chosen, the negative ones told Meier that he was the prophet for the new age and the only contactee, thus blowing his ego out of all proportions. According to Sixto Paz Wells, a real message from the Space Brothers is always positive, uplifting and for the good of all. They never give messages that smear others or inflate the person's ego. This is also a very unwise and unspiritual thing to do, for isn't it so that a person who thinks very highly of him (or her)self is more prone to put down others?
The problem with negative extraterrestrials that manifest as Space Brothers in order to destroy their mission by creating confusion and dissonance, has been known since the 50thies. This is very well described by the contactees George Hunt Williamson and John McCoy i their book: "UFOs confidential. See list of literature. There is also the possibility that various intelligence agencies can have influenced Meier using mind control techniques in order to disredit him.