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The cover-up

60 years of ridicule and disinformation

Who is behind and why?

It seems that there is no single or simple answer to this, but that several groups, and for their own particular reasons, have a common goal in covering up the reality of UFOs.

1. The official and the scientific explanations. 
Quote from a brilliant analysis made by the scientist and researcher Ivan T. Sandererson (1911- 1973), found in his book: Invisible Residents. The Reality fo Underwater UFOs: "There is nothing that 'officialdom' dreads more than to admit that it doesn't know what is going on, or what everything or anything is all about; and more especially, having to admit that they have no answers or remedies. Further, and what is of much more importance to our particular theme (USOs and UFOs), 'officialdom' doesn't know any more than we do, what is really going on. 'Sciencedom' may do so, but it is in such a position that it can only denigrate anything that does not fit in with its current theories or objectives".

2. American intelligence with their branches in all NATO countries. FBI's Cointelpro, (Sources: Richard Dolan, Ed Komarek, Michael E. Salla) and CIA's Operation Mockingbird. Operation Mockingbird is a worldwide endeavor set in motion by the CIA having the aim of infiltrating the media, spreading American propaganda and disinformation.

Quotes from the American investigative journalist Alex Constantine's book:  "Virtual government, CIA Mind Control Operations in America", page 42:

Virtual_government"Most consumers of 'CIA culture' were- and are - widely  unaware of the scales the Mockingbirds have granted themselves in the coloring of public opinion. There is no way to gauge the political and cultural damage done by censorship and politically contrived reporting".

"The cost of disinforming the world cost American taxpayers an estimated 265 million dollar a year by 1978".


There is every reason to believe that this is still going on. 

MJ12_HandbookMJ 12s top secret manual on how to handle crashed extraterrestrial vehicles. Among other interesting things, there is a good read on various cover stores to use for the media. Quote form chapter 3, Press Blackout: "It should be remembered when selecting a cover story that the official policy regarding UFOs is that they do not exist".





3. The financial 'elite'. These are the owners of oil companies, the weapon industry and pharmaceutical corporations. These special interest influence the media and are partially financing 1. (Sources: Richard Dolan, UFOs and the National Security State, Vol. 1, Ed Komarek, A comprehensive briefing).

4. Media that is infiltrated by 1 or 2.

'The 'elite' seems bent on securing and keeping their wealth, power and position. Both the Space Brothers and our own Spiritual Hierarchy (The Masters of Wisdom), seem to be regarded as threats to the 'elite'. In today's world most issues is governed and decided on the basis of the right of the strongest. This again is based on financial wealth, prestige and power.
Isn't is so, that as long as this decides and governs, then justice, reason and what serves the planet and are for the good of all, vanishes? 

Some quotes: "Many of the nation's most famous academics and journalists are already empoyed by the US government, and have signed appropriate secrecy agreements".  Source: The Missing Times, News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-up, by Terry Hansen.

"There is clearly an international agreement in force between all governments to withold information on alien and UFO phenomena". Member at the White House staff, during the Kennedy administration who prefers to remain anonymus. Source: Need to know. UFOs the military and intelligence, by Timothy Good.

Why are other, more developed civilizations regarded as a treat to the present powers?

The military of any country seems to have great difficulty in admitting that extraterrestrial vehicles can come and go as they wish, thus violating the air space of any country. Due to the loss of both pilots and jets during the fifties while trying to intercept UFOs over Washington D.C., and in order to avoid mass panic, it was decided that all information about UFOs had to be kept secret. (Source: Robert M. Stanley).

According to the former Canadian defense minister Paul E. Hellyer, beam and particle weapons have been developed in order to shoot down extraterrestrial craft. This has also been done. What kind of behavior is this towards our friends that are here to help?

NB! Although the global UFO community abounds with conspiracy theories, be aware of this expression when considering the above reasons for the cover-up. Remember, giving any information this name, can also be used to brush aside and reject any causal connections. 


This is an excellent documentary describing how facts concerning UFOs have been hidden. It features interviews with the former NASA astronauts Loyd Gordon Cooper and Edgar Mitchell, together with Colonel Philip Corso, the author of the book: "The Day after Roswell."

The power game

Heilc_July 2011 Helic_Aug 2011
        July 2011        August 2011

After having had UFO observations, these unmarked, often black helicopters show up and circle around our house. This takes place near Bergen, Norway. Can someone explain why some people spend their working day harassing others by doing this?


Some photos of UFOs taken near our home. The star-like one is a mothership that can change form and color. The one to the right seems to be an ordinary scout ship.

UFO_jan2011 StarUFO
          January 2011 
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              February 2011
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          August 2011