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Spacecrafts over Tiwanacu, Bolivia 2nd of September 2018.
Facilitated by contactee Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens

More information about Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens

New documentary: ET contact, They are here.

Is this star like object in our earth's atmosphere heralding the emergence of a new spiritual teacher for all of humanity?

Photo taken near Bergen, Norway

Huge display of the meteor like phenomenon called Ghost rockets all over the world!

News reports from the US, Argentina, Spain, Norway and Finland

"Mysterious 'fireball' spotted in the sky in Germany leaves citizens worried and police clueless".

Ghost rocket over Finland, the 16th of November, 2017.


Spectacular display over Siberia, 26th of October 2017

Most probably this is a warning sign from our Space Friends because of the tense situation between Russia, US and North Korea. See: Ghost rockets


Green signs in our skies


Our Space Friends destroy an Israeli weaponised satelite on the launch pad.



The warning sign from our Space Friends called Ghost rockets seen over the US on the 28th of July 2016:



johnfosterufos – Blue River UFO Blog – A very unusual authentic UFO story

New documentary about the Ghost rocket incident over South America in July 2015.


The new documentary by Robert Hastings:
UFOs and Nukes - The Secret Link Revealed, can now be watched on Vimeo


7th of April 2016. Ghost Rockets over Indiana, USA



January 2016. Space craft observed in Antarctica by Norwegian research team


"Green fireball" seen over Argentina on the 31st of July 2015.
See information about Ghost Rockets.

Our Space Friends take care of some of the disasterous effects caused by the destructive practice called geoengineering. Here are two examples.


End the UFO/ET Disclosure nonsense! from Gerard Aartsen on Vimeo.


Flying humanoids seen in the sky in Peru


Interview with Sixto Paz Wells, Peruvian contactee.

Very important speech from Paul T. Hellyer, former Canadian defence minister:

Information about the UFO conference 2.nd- 4.th of October in Stiklestad, Norway


The fireball like UFO phenomenon update, January 2015.
New warning signs from our extraterrestrial friends? See  information about Ghost rockets.


Three day UFO conference at Stiklestad, Norway, Ocober 2015.
Featuring among others: Sixto Paz Wells, Robert Hastings, Clark McClelland, Richard Lawrence.

New documentary by Robert Hastings: UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed (Excerpt). Please consider making a contribution.

World wide fireball activity is unprecedented?
Are most of these so called Ghost Rockets - that is warnings to us?

Multiple crafts seen on CNN news report, 11th of November.

Very interesting presentation by Jaime Maussan at a UFO conference in 2013. If you do not care to look at it all, please do not miss the last 10 minutes!!

Interview with Enrique Villanueva, International UFO conference, Bergen, Norway. Date: 11th of October 2014.

24th of September: Four huge fireballs reported over Eastern US in 24 hours. See information about Ghost Rockets.


New signs from our extraterrestrial friends?


New meteor like object over Murmansk, Russia - is this another


This video taken in Germany on the 19.th of January 2014, casts no doubt about what this really is:

Who is behind it and why?

Background information

What are the characteristics?

How is this phenomenon created?

What is the main difference between ordinary meteors/fireballs and this phenomenon?

Why are we given new warnings?

An excerpt of news media reports on Ghost rockets

Other kinds of warnings from our extraterrestrial friends re. our arsenal of nuclear weapons

New interesting documentary about the UMMO extraterrestrial contact

New video about the object found at the bottom of the Baltic sea

An update on the Mission Rahma contact network

The story about George Van Tassel, one of the famous contactees from the 50thies and his invention, The Integratron is now made into film

The historical event of the visit of the Venusian Valiant Thor at the Pentagon, is now made into film

The fireball like phenomenon called Ghost rockets.
Who is behind it and why?

There are two different variations of this phenomenon, both made by our extraterrestrial friends.

1. Green fireballs that are used to neutralize radio-active fallout.
See technology

2. A meteor-fire ball like display made by an extraterrestrial craft as a warning sign to us because of our atomic weapons and also use of nuclear power. Read on...

Background information

Ghostrocket SwedenAlthough reported since the 1800 hundreds, an upsurge of the phenomenon called Ghost rockets (see old photo taken in Sweden in 1946), took place shortly after the US had made the first test of an atomic bomb on the Bikini Islands in the Pacific. Between the 9.th and the 12.th of July, about a week after the test, over 300 reports came from Sweden about observations of meteor and rocket like objects, giving off a very bright light. The next test took place on the 24.th of July, and in the beginning of August, another large number of observations were made. There were a lot of news reports appearing in Swedish newspapers and the conclusion was: “an unknown phenomenon”.  Due to all these observations, a secret meeting was arranged between the Swedish defense minister and the American, James Forrestal. The defense ministry went to great lengths in trying to solve this mystic riddle. Due to the strange circumstances surrounding his death, there is reason to believe that Forrestal became the first victim in the ‘campaign’ set in place to ensure that information about UFOs were kept secret from the public. (For those who may be interested in this aspect, there is a book by Gray Barker, called: ”They knew too much about Flying Saucers”).

The source of most of the information regarding Ghost rockets is coming from a book called Spökflygarna-46 (Ghost fliers-46), by a Swedish man called Erland Sandqvist. Working full time for several months, he made a great job of sifting through hundreds of reports, and then by analyzing and comparing the common denominators was able to give the following description. In his book he again and again reiterates: "This is a UFO-phenomenon".

What are the characteristics?

Appears suddenly.

The speed of the object tend to vary a lot, sometimes it is very rapid and at other times very slow. Therefore the length of the observation will vary; the most common is from a few, up to 10-12 seconds, but sometimes much longer.

Looks like a ball of light or of fire. The color can vary from white, red, yellow or bluish green, very often with a tail.

The surroundings are very brightly lit – sometimes so strong that it can remind of broad daylight or sunlight. For some this can feel spooky or cause fear.

The height above the ground can be from a few hundred, up to several thousand meters.

Can disappear behind the horizon as ‘if it hit the ground’, but no remnants of any meteorite is ever found.

Disappear very rapidly, creating the effect of an explosion, with or without noise.

Interestingly, in New Mexico in 1948, meteor like, green fireballs were observed again and again over the military installations where atomic bombs were assembled and stored. This took only place there and nowhere else. Source: Bruce Maccabee. UFO-FBI connection. 
Are these anything but warning signs to us?

How is this phenomenon created?

A logical explanation is that the properties of the electromagnetic field around the craft/spaceship is set up to cause a meteor or fireball-like effect. What happens then, is the creation of plasma(ionized gas).
Compare this to the Hall effect thruster(see photo).
The video below illustrates this clearly, and what happens when this effect is switched off.

What is the main difference between ordinary meteors/fireballs and this phenomenon?

Why are we given new warnings?

One probable reason is the planned modernization of the US nuclear arsenal.  Is this why our extraterrestrial friends during late 2013 has created a fireball like phenomenon with loud booms all over the US?


Are the so called 'fireballs' which have been observed numerous times over Norway in November and December 2013,  linked to the ongoing Fukushima clean-up?

Throughout November and December 2013, several Ghost rockets - called fireballs by the media, have been observed over Norway. This photo was taken on the 6.th of December at 9.50 am, in Hokksund, Norway, by Frank Furuhaug.

The Fukushima cleanup which began in November 2013, is scheduled  to last at least one year. The work consists of removing the fuel rods in reactor 4 at the damaged Fukushima power plant. This  operation which is scheduled to last at least a year, is considered very risky and if anything goes wrong, the radioactive emissions could be many times larger than at the Chernobyl disaster (Sources: CNN, BBC News, Politiken (DK), and others.)

Scientists Warn of Extreme Risk: Greatest Short-term Threat to Humanity is From Fukushima Fuel Pools


An excerpt of news media reports on Ghost rockets from all over the world.


Flagler Beach, Florida. On the 27.th of July 2011, dozens of people saw a mystical ball of fire falling from the sky, with explanations ranging from UFO to Chinese lantern. The Coastguard went out looking for wreckage, but nothing was found. Conclusion: “An unsolved mystery”. Action News, Florida, USA.
Meteor_Fireball_Calif. On the 14.th of September 2011, this object was observed over Arizona, Nevada and the southern part of California. The question was: "Maybe it was a fireball or a meteor?" Link to video.


Mothership_Cusco On the 25.th of August 2011, this object that could be observed for several minutes, was videoed as it passed over Cusco in Peru. The explanations given ranged from ball of fire, meteor or UFO. Link to video.


2nd of April. Meteor or UFO? Mysterious Fireball Streaks Across Texas Sky 


13th of June, Puno, Peru


7th of November; A Meteor lights up the night sky over Southern California

Other kinds of warnings from our extraterrestrial friends re. our arsenal of nuclear weapons

Hastings_NPCOn the 27.th of September 2010, a very special news conference was held at The National Press Club in Washington DC. The aim was to bring forth testimonies from several military servicemen about UFO activity near nuclear weapons sites. Robert Salas, a fomer USAF nuclear missile launch officer, gave concrete examples on UFOs hovering over nuclear missile sites and that they even had caused the rockets to be temporarily disarmed. According to declassified information coming from the Russians, this has also taken place there. Quote from Robert Hastings (photo), a leading researcher on nuclear weapons-related UFO activity: “I think the nuclear powers are being warned that they are playing with fire".
It is worth noticing that these incursions are still taking place - thus this is an ongoing phenomenon.

Hastings_bookMost probably, the Ghost rockets of 1946, was also a warning to us at that time about the folly of our nuclear experiments.

Today, there is about 20 000 atomic bombs powerful enough to extinguish all life on this planet several times. We also know that atomic power plants create hazardous radioactive waste. Another, less known effect, is pollution on etheric levels which current science is not able to measure. (Source: Benjamin Creme).
Repeatedly, we are giving warnings by UFOs appearing near nuclear missile sites. Wouldn't it therefore seem logical that because of our use of atomic energy with its destructive effects or a possible nuclear holocaust, Ghost rockets are also appearing again as a warning from our Space Brothers?

According to information given in Robert M. Stanley's recent book: "Covert Encounters in Washington D.C.", the Space Brothers have contacted American presidents and voiced their concern about our arsenal of nuclear weapons several times. Between 1957 and 60, Eisenhower had meetings with the Venusian Valiant Thor, and on the 18.th of February 1975, Gerhald Ford was also contacted by a Venusian. At both occasions they voiced the same concern: "Get rid of nuclear weapons!"   


New interesting documentary about the UMMO extraterrestrial contact, by Denis Roger Denocla

New video about the object found at the bottom of the Baltic sea

An update on the Mission Rahma contact network

This is the worlds largest aid project made by extraterrestrials, with groups in many South American countries as well as in the US. 49 extraterrestrials are involved, coming from Venus, Cerpican II i in the constellation Canis Majoris and Apu in Alpha Centauri.

The Mount Shasta experience with Contactee Ricardo González

The written report with a narrative of a very interesting meeting with Antarel from Alpha Centauri:

Excerpt from: http://exonews.org/talampaya-council-new-time/
"As much as fear-based events do occur, LOVE-based ones are more substantial, verifiable and promising of freedom, truth and justice in the long run and as a wiser form of Exopolitical development in human-ET relations.  We can truly say that simple, well-intended humanity is also being gradually contacted accross the world in a form of unofficial disclosure as groups of people are verifying good, beautiful and truthful forms of contact happening now".

The story about George Van Tassel, one of the famous contactees from the 50thies and his invention, The Integratron is now made into film



The historical event of the visit of the Venusian Valiant Thor at the Pentagon, is now made into film.
Based on the book Stranger at the Pentagon,

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