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The Space Brothers

Who are they?

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What are the characteristics of The Space Brothers?

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Wingmakers and their time capsules

The Paz Wells brothers in Peru. Perhaps the best documented extraterrestrial contact ever

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Interdimensional or at our level of 3rd density?

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Who are they?

GAdamskiUFOThe Space Brothers consist of 7-8 extraterrestrial races that work together (Lindgren). Perhaps we can call their co-operative project help for a less developed planet? These individuals come from planets withih our own solar system, like Mars, Venus, Saturn and Ganymede (one of Jupiter's moons that was colonized by a civilization coming from the star system Orion), but also from other solar systems and galaxies. The Space Brothers look about the same as us. Some are high and blonde (Nordics), others have more Asiatic-Mongolic features. (Here we are talking about the real Nordics, not the fakes materialized by negative extraterrestrials in order to create confusion and destroy the mission of the Space Brothers). Individuals coming from
very advanced civilizations are etheric physical, not solid physical like us. They can at will, lower their vibration and become visible. Others are solid physical, like us.


Oxalc Early in the seventies, Sixto Paz Wells from Lima in Peru one of the most well known contactees of today, met this man called Oxalc, an extraterrestrial person from Ganymede.


Orthon from Venus, who met the contactee George Adamski early in the 50thies. Orthon


Lecture about the Space Brothers




What are the characteristics of the Space Brothers?

Most of the following information has been given by Adamski, Creme, Lindgren, Wells, Williamson and Stanley: